Fool Goes to the Moon and they have a Nap and dream In Solitude Until the Shadows Scurry Away.

Moon rose and illuminated about half of the nights mysterious darkness. for every strange shape and scurrying critter REVEALED in her cool white beam there was an inverse black shadow counseling anything withinit.

Fool had spent so long at the unconsciousness Pool that she had fallen in to dreaminess. the ultra feminine and eternally sleepy Moon rose across Fool’s starry eyed vision.

The moons dim light and long shadows was much more distracting than when Fool had been lost in the Stars in Contemplation. Moonlight clarifies just enough details that you really notice the shadows, especially when they move. Animals check fool out from all sides circling her and get up to nocturnal animal drama. There is just enough light and shadow to mistake faces and figure moving just out of vision everywhere.

Fool’s Stars are eclipsed by the Moon’s sleeping Face is reflected upside down in the Pool. Fool already slipping in to Dreaminess from watching shadows, floats away recharged from the collective unconscious and isolates her own unconsciousness. The Moons Sleepiness is also dreaminess and introspection.

Fool at first doesn’t know what to do with her messy scary subconcious and all her racing and conflicting thoughts using her simple tools and her complex experiences she learned to know and like the dream and dreamer of herself she finds there. Fool meditates on secrets and privacy, the nature of how often something is secret not because its knowledge is forbidden, but because you can only see it blurry and confounded in shadow and the mind will make it a bigger or smaller deal based on a mix or what you hope for and what you’re afraid of. Fool Wonders if she has secrets, things she wouldn’t want anyone to know, what would embarrass her or get her in trouble. She thinks of secrets she cant keep forever, some she will just have to confess eventually when they mean less. others can only be diluted by cutting ties and getting rid of certain cursed things and committing to ending them.


Fool continued to meditate on secrets tuning out the howls of night time animals screaming for the moon’s attention. Far away Human voices revel in indecipherable lunacy. The Tower Castles of some other Fools are great looming shadows on the horizon but they are very far apart. The animals are howling and braying in tribute to the Moon seemingly in competition for her attention.

At first the Isolation worries Fool but then she considers their occupants immersed in solitary nests of dreams. Fool follows the moon deep in to visions, her imagination is powerful enough that she can entertain herself for hours as easily as she can scare herself in to implosion. Her love and fascination for the night sky inspire her to muse that if only people where so easy instead of being so complicated. its cuz the sky glows eternal and everything on the earth is ever shifting unknowable shadows that could be anything.

Seeing, through heavily lidded enormous eyes, Fool Terrorised by her own Imagination, Moons speaks to her telepathically beaming dreams in to her head. Moon announces herself as the beautiful Moon beloved of pagans and witches, stirrer of oceans and every drop of water on earth, the unity of comprehension and delusion’s intertwined roots spiraling down through the subconscious all the way to the bottom.

Moon seems to speak with a sweet motherly voice in Fools head. A beam of Moon light falls on a tiny crawfish crap clicking its way out of the pool and on to land. Under the Moon in this pool is a time for growth and evolution just as this crab walks on to land. now becoming a land crawfish is a complete game changer. Crabs are extra special to the Moon. If you’re lucky enough to be part crab then you are built for some willful wild moodswing addiction. Fool wasn’t sure if everything the moon said was cryptic and obscured cuz the moon was half asleep or her own mind was playing tricks seeing things that weren’t even there.

.The Moon Continued her sleepy speech, When in the Sky it is not the time for crime, you will get caught in the Moon light. the Moon admonished but then added unless they are Crimes of Love in which case the Moon would shelter them maybe if she liked your love interest.

Moon’s dim soft light illuminated a stream flowing away from the pool towards the lows ground between two mountains right at the spot where the sun would rise eventually and Fool was mostly calmed in knowing she was journeying to a bright day ahead. The Moon stopped Fool from Charging Off furiously towards the sun rise.that hadn’t even started yet.
Swtt sleepy maternal moon prefered long goodbyes that take all night. Moon told her the most important thing to do in your subconscious is make sure you never lie to yourself, don’t let dreams manifest as delusions. And the most important lesson of the Moon is that

When you get stuck figuring out your dreams using Logic and Reason,
then Try Sleep.

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