LAMB MAJOR ARCANA DECK Made Possible thanks to the Generous Support of the WINDSOR ARTS AND CULTURE HERITAGE FOUNDATION Windsor Ontario Stands Strong in the masked face of CV19pandemic2020 #YQGStandsStrong

In 50 to 100 words, tell us specifically what you will do for your project

I will illustrate the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. The Major Arcana of tarot are 22 trump cards telling the story of the fool as they journey through episodic trials of life. Each card brings new characters experiences and life lessons. 

I will maintain a free-to-access online tarot gallery of this deck along with my written explanations of their meanings in the context of COVID-19. I will also make print copies of the cards available for purchase from my website.

How does your project meet the key priorities / program objectives of the ACHF?

I am an Ontario artist who settled in Windsor in 2016. My work adds my talent, skill, and craft to the young and modern art movements of Windsor. As a queer transgender woman, my works have tended to innately speak to other trans people and queers. I have a devoted all across North America of this demographic, including locally. However, gender and sexuality and my community is almost never the overt theme of my work. Rather, these experiences inform it at a molecular level. Other trans people and queers tend to tell me they appreciate this about my work.

Therefore this project will not just nurture creativity and imagination through arts, culture and heritage projects, it will also encourage the inclusion of diverse cultural groups.

How does your project benefit / impact the community during COVID-19 

The Major Arcana tells the story of the fool’s errand, the journey of a person from innocence to experience and learnedness. In a way, each card is a new choose-your-own-adventure life lesson that I believe will be particularly meaningful during this time of stress and reflection.

An excellent example is The Tower: The tower is yours, a fortress castle that you built as a defensive hoard. It may seem strong or opulent but in fact the foundations are soft, shallow, and unplanned. You built the tower with lots of work over lots of time, and it contains all your treasure. However, it collapses from being built on shifting unfriendly ground. Poor foundations can be made by actions like cheating, exploitation, or just by the simple disappointment of your hopes and dreams exceeding your means. 

As the tower falls, it breaks its crown as all authority and glory is ruined. Two figures jump from the collapsing tower. One jumps for a cliff to hasten their exit, the other makes a desperate dive for the ground where what little they can salvage is all that’s left.


Lamb Oracle Deck

Major Arcana Deck

Ether or Aether or Magic or Power.

The 5th Regal Card
The Sorceresses is an androgynous magic worker and philosopher poet.

The Nothing Card:
i can’t tell you anything now.