One idle day Fool wondered what all these wandering life lessons were good for if she wasn’t rewarded and enriched from her adventures. She had been around enough that she had seen a few fantastic things, powerful drinks crafted at length from strange fruits n berries, unfathomable potions made from unheard of ingredients that gave you magic visions, so much fancy food. And sex ? more specifically Fool wished for a list of lusty conquests fitting an adventurer like herself. In turn she wanted to be desired, pursued, boys, girls, so many people should desire her for her own innate desirability she should be picking and choosing and breaking hearts and bragging.

“How bout we start with a drink? ” asked the Devil as she rose up out of the floor. Actually on second glance the devil could be He as well for they had 1 of every boy part and girl part simultaneously ensuring that the devil would miss out on no experience they where unequipped for.

As if to agree with fools thought before she could complete thinking them Devil smiled “wine” and then without waiting for a reply was already filling a large gold cup with unbelievable electric juice from out of devils own body and from whatever orifice was closest and most amusingly obscene and vulgar. She was supposed to drink that ?

Don’t believe what you hear on the surface about devils. I’d never hurt or burn a human. I adore humans and think of them as sweet little pets fit for a god. I invite you to let me pamper you and spoil you. Show me you want to be a sweet little pet for me. ……………………………………………………………………………………..

“Take it,” coaxed the devil waving the cup under her lips. “you deserve the good stuff. you deserve an extra intense experience. This juice is for hardcore bad ass smarter than average extra special unique vip adventurers. Don’t take my word for it, meet a lil fallen agel like yourself. ” and Devil rose off the ground to alight on an ancient crumbling stone throne.

Standing beside the devil was a boy about Fools’ age and size, he looked like a long lost brother. He was another Fool, a boy one. He had been on a series of adventure lessons like herself and had met the devil a little while ago. Being in the company of Devil was the greatest reward you might get adventuring. Only those Fools who truly believed and wanted it bad enuff could swear lasting devotion to the devil and descend in to her playground. Such sights and feeling to behold.

The boy touched her while he boasted of the devils endless party. he was toned from weeks of raving and his eyes were a fire he could barely control. Devil peed out two more golden goblets of wine. he was sweaty and smelled of axe and brimstone. Fool made up her mind she would be a devils pet. She admired Boy Fool’s long hardcore chain that tethered him to the devil and She clipped a pet leash on herself and clipped i to devils throne. it was not as cool but ti was a start.

The two fools drank juice and smoked lightning and played silly games in delirium. They had tons of sex with each other and other fools but together they where a bad ass Bonnie and Clyde team of partying. well it was mostly sex and drinking and drugs but it was so many other things, it was identity, pride and feeling superior to people who couldn’t commit to this.

… … …
… … …
… … …

Fool was so proud she refused to admit she was tired spent and not having as much fun as she let on for weeks and months.

The sex was getting predictable repetitive and frankly numb, the magic potions were fogging her brain to the point it took her about 15 minutes to have a thought and the magic electric juice was honestly devil pee. by now her leash had held her close by the devil so long through so much that it had become a thick length of heavy chain.

Her chain looked even heavier than boy Fools. And Boy was looking rough. Fool wasn’t sure that he had gone foul so much she probably had been fouled for a while and she’d been too juiced to notice till now.

Boy’ Fools’s skin was like forgotten leftovers, his body was like wet cigarette butts, his mind was gibberish. Worse: his attraction to her was mindless reflexive humping and his lust was mostly for someone to get wasted with. He’d grown cloven hooves and a tail which was always on fire, cuz devil kept lighting it on fire. the fire in his eyes was actually the devils fire under his ass to make him jump around and look fun to the impatient observer.

Devil notice what fool was thinking and waved a burning torch at Fool trying to light up her tail. Oh crap when had she grown a tail?! Fool stumbled backwards until her chains clinked taunt stopping her.

“I’m trying to help you” smiled devil. ” I’m not trying to burn you I’m trying to power you. Your feeling bit blue cuz you’re tired. let me light you up like a little rocket.

Fool jumped back “You really are the Devil!” She cried stumbling and kicking her way through a pile of old wine glasses and soup cans with gold paint faking off of them” you are really trying to drag me to hell”

“You’ve got me all wrong. I might be hurt by what you say but know I am your greatest friend and I will easily prove it. you have hung out next to my throne for weeks while I give you all i have (which is mostly sex and drugs cuz i’m the devil). You tied yourself there. you worked on your chain everyday until it was bigger than everyone else’s. it is wrapped loose around you shoulders and you could slip out of it with a shrug.” Devil then turned to face away from Fool but her devils eyes swiveled back around to be sure that Fool was watching the devil feign hurt and refuse to look at her. “Or undo the carabiner and unchain yourself from my throne and take it with you for all I care. “

Fool looked down and slowly foggily saw devil was right. with one yank her chains hit the floor and Fool ran as fast as far as she could before anything tricked her in to staying another day.

BYE SEE YOU LATER the devil smiled while Fool covered her ears and ran faster.