Not Long after setting off on her odyssey

Fool crosses paths with the Magician
who knocks her socks off pulls the wool over her eyes
and and takes her for a ride.

Magician aspired to masculine traits and launched in to a rambling praise of a rugged quaint sort of Manliness with such passionate ernest conviction that Fool was almost convinced they weren’t the bookish nerd they appeared. Magician couldn’t be a nerd cuz they exuded such confident charmand and a swagger that seemed born of their unflappable confidence and unworried know it all certainty that they could get anything they wanted and anywhere they liked propelled mostly with the strength of their will, by wanting it bad enough, made doubly certain cuz their will was backed up by the applied cleverness of their own mind . For the first time Fool doubted her own perception and her new friends motivations.

Magician implored Fool to trust him with a beaming grin arms spread wide, told her 1000 reason he knew he was right, having learned from a life of seeking out obscure teachers, sorting through stacks of contradictory possibly obsolete books and journals, studying forgotten crafts and forbidden philosophies. the Magician told a captivating funny endless string of tales of their learning from mad geniuses and seeking out strange meditations and bizarre ceremonies. explanations hypnotise and confound Fool all while making the Magician seem like a brainiac boss. every time she caught herself wondering what any of the magicians stories had to do with anything real or important Magician would compliment fools own cleverness and then reveal an unexpected plot twist or unrelated incident that illustrated some point Fool couldn’t even remember at this point

Magician dumped out fools travelling bag as she had already surrendered complete trust to Magician cuz it just seemed like she was supposed to. Magician Laid her stuff out across a table already cluttered projects books and inventions in ambiguous states of being created modified or destroyed waiting to catch the magicians fascination again or get eternally neglected for having lost their relevance. Magician told fool that it’s not about being smart or strong, its about being smart, and being smart is taking what you have and figuring out how to use it to create whatever you want.

See? no matter the size of your Sword it is the reasoning and understanding and negotiation too to get in and out of situations and helps seal decisions.
A Cup holds your energy your sustenance and refreshment and carries your simple comforts and the things you really care about.
The Blue Pill is like the currency of your emotional health and it makes you creative and compassionate and full of dreams hope and wonder.
This perfectly sufficient Stick is the simplest tool to take on an odyssey as your walking stick for breaking trail and the simplest manifestation of your energy and action in the world you move through.
And you have this Æther Life force Energy which flows all around you and everyone and everything and with a bit of practice is so easy to harness and project its easy to forget that you are the energy’s user and controller, not its creator

The magician leaned in to Fool Close and told her that she was being confided in to a powerful secret that was in fact so obvious that it shouldn’t be a secret and that fact made it even more valuable; That getting what you want from life is only half being an innately talented genius, the other half was convincing everyone else you are right. and Magican did that by bragging and boasting about every little thing they did right, by always being extra nice to the people who can help you move a step up or a step closer, when not apologizing or explaining is not an option , to explain in ambiguous subjective word salads and be prepared to tell important people whatever they want to hear from you.

Fool wasn’t sure if she’d come to doubt the seemingly talented magician with seemingly unlimited talents she’d at first considered a genius font of all answers, or if she had first doubted them but had now see that the magician’s was the cleverest path? The captivating rants mixed science and magic in such fantastic ways that fool couldn’t tell if they were real or tricks and lies powered in part because magician had talked her into wanting them to be true? Magician was at once completely self centered, in love with their own voice and egoless in their cheap suit and cardboard suitcase living moment to moment and seemingly living first and foremost for magic, everything else flung disdainfully in to the margins or forgotten on a far back burner.

For the first time ever Fool learned to doubt people. the magician was almost certainly a wise and clever world wearie adventurer who claimed to know everyone and have done everything.A lot of Magician’s stories actually checked out, and the ones that didn’t didn’t because Magician had mixxed up some names or remembered the date wrong. Magician’s incredible and uncredible

Magician told Fool the worst thing she could do is wander, it’s pointless and gains you nothing. all journeys should be quests for wisdom or treasure, or to take new ground, mark your territory and test out different people to discover hoe they can be useful to you. And then Magician said they could add extra magic powers to Fools bag of tricks. All Fool had to do was let magician take their bag of stuff for a day or so and imbue it with their obvious powerful magic and then Fool would set off leveled up several times over and she could just owe Magician a favor.

Fool wasn’t so sure about any of that but didn’t want to set them off on another mood swingin’ encyclopoadiathumping testimony of fantastic leaps of reason delivered as fundamental forbidden knowledge and assured Magician it was a wonderful idea and discretely changed the subject.

The Secret Teachings of the Major Lambarcana


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