Fool Meets a female magician Who teaches her
to do nothing, say little, and day dream

#yqgstandsstrong #tarotcards #hangedman #upsidedown #uncontrollable

Before Long Fool stumbles upon a woman in blue gray reclining on a stack of pillows under a veil flapping between a black pilar and a white pillar. She was wearing a full on priestess robes and sprawled out and gazing thoughtfully of i to space. Fool thought she didn’t see her but she suddenly turned to her. ” Hello, fool. knew you’d show up eventually. I want you to know that in your wanderings and travels, anything you wanna know about babies and child hood doula kinna stuff, I am here to support you”
“um, ok.” stammered fool really not wanting to talk about anything like that.
“y’know,” interjected the priestess in a completely indecipherable tone and unreadable body language, “I don’t just do home-birthing and permaculture services… I do a lot, I am very self contained.. I choose to withdraw my involvement in favor of guarding my hord of game changing secret knowledge.
Fool totally noticed as while she spoke the priestess she crumpled up a crumpled fold of important looking notes in perfect tiny calligraphy on parchment and shoved them up her sleeve. It was then she notice that Priestess’s sleeves wehere full of scraps of notes and other tricks. Before long Fool had figured it out, ” You must be the girl version of the magician.”
“pshaw”, noise made the priestess. the noise was a laugh or a sneer of derision, fool couldn’t be certain how Priestess had meant it, ” I know that guy very well, and he could only wish he was magic enough to be the boy version of THE HIGH PRIESTESS!”

With that a huge volume of smoke bloomed out from between the pillars and puffed the veil out like a sail. Fool had to flop down in to the Priestess’s Pillow Pile. Her Mind began to wander..all sorts of things she’d put off thinking about or never connected before wandered though her consciousness. what did the priestess and magician have to do with each other? what was she hinting at ? Fools mind became absorbed in planning how she would write her ideas down the next time she got ahold of a pencil.

The Priestess rummaged around her soft chaise and grabbed up a burning lamp, a tall flask of water , a large bubble, and a scoop of ash. She assembled them all in to a contraption of some sort and while she worked she mused coyly. It’s a good thing you dropped by fool. y’know don’t let me freak you out taking about having babies because mother hood is also about invention, I can tell you are science minded, like me you have a clever mind always figuring stuff out all the time and stuff… just know that motherhood included by necessity the mother of invention, that is a motherload of some science stuff right there. if you think about it , the subconscious is like the motherload of all conscious worlds, ami rite ?”

Fool Nodded with a look of either awe or patronization. It could have been interpreted either way. ” You gonna tell me what that means ?” she asked”

” yeah maybe,” said priestess suddenly bringing her fire bubbles and soot contraption to life. “or like whatever. Not everything i say is a riddle or a parable you need to figure out. trust your own insides right now, YOU ALREADY KNOW FOOL. YOU ALREADY KNOW” Fool decided this would be one of the best places to come chill when she needed to figure stuff out and chill out and consider options and outcomes. the contraption flamed and bubbled and let out a mushroom cloud of multi colours puffy clouds that enveloped them both.