Fool is ready for battle But can her make shift chariot hold together ?!

Tarot for Troubled Times

Sybil the LAmb

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Up thunders a warrior in a chariot ready for battle, ready to burn a trail across the lands.

A warrior in strange crab-moon hybrid armor lifts their visor to consider their net move and scan the horizons.

When warrior lifts their Visor we see it was Fool the whole time.

in silhouette her shadow is imposing even frightening. But paused on the beach with her chariot half in half out the water anyone can quickly see her armor is mostly crab shells, her weapon is a real big stick, and her slip shod slapped together chariot is pulled by some unruly feral animals she found behind the high priestesses pillars.

The giant male black squirrel is angry and crazy and attacks on a hair trigger. The great white porpoise is manically temperamental and prone to hysterics. They seem the worse choice to pull Fools Wheels as they could fight any moment except that the squirrel is afraid of water and the porpoise repulsed by land. Thus Fool’s chariot has been wiggling along the coast line for so long she threatens to circumference the continent if she can’t get her critters under control.

NEVER LET THEM SEE YOU SWEAT, i am the juggernaut !!! all before me better clear the path cuz here i come!”

Fool stomps her stick 3 time son the floor of the chariot and clicks her crab claws. ” I thought i was way to cute and sweet to be a warrior but i guess i should keep practicing this” she thought to herself…And then the black squirrel and great white porpise took off down the beach, kicking up sand and sea foam and completely unstable as the animals had chewed off their reigns right out the gates.

“If she could get these preposterously mismatched beast to work together they’d be a fast powerful impressive fear and awe striking battle machine” thought fool as the porpoise went after a dead fish ad the squirrel climbed in to a garbage can