Year 2 in the Great Metropolitan
The Mansion 11.11.11
From The Mansion Studio 2011
Works For Spring 2011 Barrister Show
Meat and Gold
From Kensington Studio 2010

Death F*ck
67 Years in the Underground in Service of Elegance

Trials and Errors
Of the Settlers In the Underground Nation of Rot

Lost Little Girl Show
Do you Like? Having Fun and Playing Games
The Collected Works of

e m i l y Wretch

500 Paintings ~ Famous Dead Artist

There is No Such Thing as Love

encyclopspoadia of suicide notes

Old Butter Crawlspace
Like a Portpholio if I threw it off the Roof

Lily Butter Land
Professhonal of Arts
Museum Laboratory
Les Petites Mortes
~67 years with the underground nation of Filth
The Ballad of Fishy
Inventer, Time traveler, Professhonal Gutterpixie
The Lost Lost Little Girl Show
Olde Skool B&W episodes
I Never Liked You
Don't you ever fuckin' leave me
Discipline of the Blood of the Lamb
Mixing the Extremes of Religion-Ritual-Science
10 years Worth of Sketchbook Archives
10 Years Worth of Computerified Sketchbooks