Ultra Church Mural  Nov 2013
Ultra Church Mural
Nov 2013[/caption]


UltraChurch is the title of Butter Land Studio's 91 foot long mural created for the Church and Wellesley GayLesbian Village of Toronto. Butter Land is one of the 13 Artist Studios Contracted with the Church Village Business Assoc to doll up church street in preparation for World Pride 2014.

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333 hours Painting the wall

Original Sketchbook

Queens of Toronto 1948-2014



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The Mural Is Painted Down a Lane that runs from behind the 439PPPPizzaNova, and the Beer Store Across from the519, running north to south along the east wall of the 120 year old Former RCMP stable at 66 Wellesley. The Painting is 91 feet long and ten feet tall and contains more than 50 individual portraits. Painted in 333 hours over 60 days sept-nov 2013 mostly by myself with the assistance of Miss Fancy showing up 2 dozen times to give everyone make up touch ups, and Art School Expat Macabre Artist Orlee Andromeda coloring the back ground. Several other people helped paint a bunch of times. There are all kinds of crazy stuff that happened painting for 3 months in a dirty downtown alley.

Ultra Love to 66 Wellesley HoTeam Stylist Village Vapor Lounge

Butter Land is  Gearing up to paint more walls 2014

The next Mural I paint should have much less than 50 people in it.


Commission a Mural from ButterLand


ULTRA CHURCH 50 VIP Party People

Time Travel Nightclub Extraveganza
Ultra Church depicts a Busy Animated Nightclub Crammed to the Ceiling with 50 VIP party people Djs, Promoters, Performance Artists, Gogo Dancers, and about 3 dozen Queens.  

Butter Land Working Artists Mural Team


Butter Land is Thrilled to be a Part of

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="564"]Church Street Murals World Pride 2014 Church Street Murals World Pride 2014[/caption]

Church street Murals Presented by  Bank of Montreal

Currated by James Fowler and Syrus Ware from AGO

Commissioned by Church and Wellesley BIA Canadian Lesbian Gay Archive Kristyn Wong-Tam

Visit Churchstreetmurals.com

Thanks to Sponsors Church Street Bank of Montreal Dulux Paint 477 King Home Depot StreetArToronto Toronto Tourism
Church Street Murals Artist Profile Xtra/ Andrea Houston ~ MArch 31_2013 Goodhandy Radio Oct 28 2013 SPECIAL  OUTtv *Is The Village Dying?* TOP LEVEL http://www.lilybutterland.com/ultrachurch/ http://www.lilybutterland.com/home/ultra-church/