the LosT little Girl Show

"Having Fun and Playing Games"
The LosT little Girl Show Project

LosT little Girl show is a multiplexipated Project that combines making dolls and playing with toys and wearing little girl dresses with making garbage instruments and telling stories and having fun and playing games with having friends and sometimes being on stage or in a movie.

There's also a comic book version of it and one day there will be LosT little girl show Toys that i will sell or give away. And i make songs and plays and act them out, usually by myself but sometimes with friends.

So basikly the LLGS is about my attention span and trying to hit people with its shrapelnel.

the Different tentacles of the LosT little Girlktapus !!!

LosT little Girl STORYBOOK !!

LosT little Girl VARIETY SHOW !!!

LosT little Girl MOVING PICTURE SHOW !!!

LosT little Girl Show PROPEGANDA !!!

"Wallow with me in Sickness and Filth..."