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The Lost Little Girl Show

Friendship. What even is friendship anyways? Is it forced proximity? Is it because they have food? Is it all in spite?

Who better to explore that question than two similar but totally opposite feral little girls discovered in a garbage dump by a disgraced scientist?! 

Between dodging giant robots, battling crappy retro cyborg cops, smoking, stealing, and getting in to fights with dolls, onions, pizza guys, and air pumps—two girls with out of sync personality disorders discover by working together that they can personality disorder twice as much. 

Also misery loves company. And this attempt at friendship drags out for 18 thousand years! If you you like dolly head girls, funny animals, the eleven-thousand-year robot war, and technology you could probably copy in your garage, THEN DON’T MOVE.

What started as the realization of childish daydreams now controls the very fabric of the universe. You need to read multiple times THE LOST LITTLE GIRL SHOW in the year 19999.

With gonzo guest starring…Doctor Professor!