Molly & Pyxxy Do Crimes

Created for PATREON as a Bi-monthly Trisexual Crime thriller Scifi adventure fantasy
(with plenty of T4TBLG sex in it)

Molly & Pyxxy Be Gay and Do Crimes

Molly & Pyxxy Be Gay and Do Crimes

Sybil Lamb’s Notorious Serialised Google Docs Patreon
Bi Monthly Tri Sexual Adventure Crime Love Story !

Ever Since Molly met Pyxxy at the drop in hormones clinic, they fell for eachother hard and made a pact together to see what would happen if #BeGayDoCrime was taken lit’rally. Desperate to guard their love in a world where good things seldom happen to them, their crimes the stakes and violence have to keep escalating to stay one step ahead of the bumbling cops and the trans demon underworld.


Molly was a goth punk nerd who lived in a car, Pyxxy was a half alien feral candy raver with a horrifying backstory. When they met they pledged to live by the mantra BE GAY AND DO CRIMES

After their first night of dine and dashing and shoplifting and f***ing in alleys they were hooked. From then on their crimes got increasingly dangerous and violent as they had to keep one upping themselves to safeguard their chaotic perfect love. Before long crime became their only way to stay together and survive, each new day was a tsunami of unpredictable chaos, friendships were strained to their breaking point and over 100 cops were hunting them with guns, spike belts and grappling hooks!

Hang on tight as M&P burn and pillage across the land in a flurry of half-planned heists! Travers the Rust belt underworld from the Sinful Finishing school for turning wayward crust punk into Big Tiddy Goth GF to the fallout of the LSD-UFO cult to the devilish Ham Town Torture Factory! Experience the sights and flavors of a Lesbian Blood Witch Orgy! Negotiate the advances of an Amazon Car Thief Necromancer! Illuminati rent boy bellhops, sex werker sword fights, Castration Squads, under ground fish-weed laboratories, a couple of drunk old Senior citizen Outlaw Bikers who watch Hamster all day and an award winning hot mess who had the Vampira Surgery.

**Warning: contains all the triggers. Several scary parts!
Rated X for lots of hardcore Mega-Gay T4T sexual content.
Do not attempt any of the crimes in this book.

~ Sinful Angora ~