Curriculum Vitae 2022

Sybil Lamb Professional Of Art !

Sybil E. Lamb
Sandwich Town, Ontario, Canada —



Self-Employment Development CertificateVanauley Street Centre (Toronto, ON) Apprenticeship in MIG WeldingArtistic Steel Welding (Oakland, CA)Apprenticeship in Parade Float ConstructionJulian Stock (New Orleans, LA)
1998 – 2000Drawing for Animation, Painting/Drawing/Studio Practice, and Fundamentals of Graphic Design
Concordia University (Montréal, PQ)

EXHIBITIONS (selected)———————————

2019   Trans Ontario Launch,  Bricks and Glitter Festival , Unit2 Toronto, ON August 2019)

(“the TransOntario Series”, “Miss Ambassador Bridge” “..”

2018 Local Artist, curated by Biblioasis, Windsor, ON
(“Miss Ambassador Bridge” “Lost Little Girl Show Collection”, “…”)

2018 Willistead Manor Art Walk, curated by the Rotary Club of Windsor, Windsor, ON
(“Miss Ambassador Bridge” “Lost Little Girl Show Collection”)
2018 Schomburg Art Walk, curated by Grackle Coffee, Schomburg ON

(“the TransOntario Series” “Lost Little Girl Show Collection”)
2018 Walkerville Brewery Night Market, curated by Walkerville Brewery, Windsor, ON
(“Miss Ambassador Bridge” “Lost Little Girl Show Collection”)
2018 Artistic Abominations, curated by Crystine Ztigmata, SeaScape Club,Toronto ON
(“the TransOntario Series” “Lost Little Girl Show Collection”)

2017 Elephant Shoes Artist Collective curated by Cherry Lemon Lime, Toronto, ON

(“Grackle Biscotti,” Myki’s Treehouse,” Tandem Friends”)
2017 Bottom Line Coffee curated by Noura Balint, Detroit, MI (“Eris Hastings”” Semi Free 

Lunch” Sandwich Book Treehouse,” Tandem Friends”)

2017 DVS Productions// HALF WAY 2 HALLOWEEN Tangent Gallery  curated by
Anthony DVS, Detroit, MI (“Undead Girls Partying in a Bush”)

2016 Super Wonder Gallery—Super Duper Show curated by Christian Aldo, Toronto, ON

(“Goddess of the Lights”, “Devil in her Sack”)

2016 Super Wonder Gallery—Super Trash Show curated by Christian Aldo, Toronto, ON 

(“Fire Breathing Electric Cat”)

2016 Barristers Gallery—The Raw and the Cooked curated by Andy Antippas, New
Orleans, LA (“Venus vs. Mars x2”)

2015 Videofag—Arturo Vega Tribute Show, curated by Ken Moffatt and Heather Bain,
Toronto, ON (“Justo y Necessario ~ Arturo Vega”)

2015 Toronto Outdoor Art Expo, Toronto, ON (“Bermuda Triangle,” Rapid Petting,”
Duchess of Arts,” Kiki Lamb,” Queen of Venus,” Lamby Vs Pussy,” Syb, Maybe, and Cake,” Laboratorium,” Orange Juice,” Inxy Bincuberry,” et al.

2015 Super Wonder Gallery—Super Naughty Show curated by Christian Aldo, Toronto, ON
(“Why Love S,” “Sex Bots,” “Regular,” “Knife Fight,” “Creamer,” Lil Bows”) 

2015 Super Wonder Gallery—Super Trash Show curated by Christan Aldo, Toronto, ON

(“Cheezy Splats”)

2015 Gladstone Hotel—10×10 Art Show organized by James Fowler, Toronto, ON

(Series of 24 10×10 illustrations drawn 1 per hour for 24 hours)
2015 Akasha Art Gallery—Untitled: The Practice of Identity II curated by Mia Raicevic, 

Toronto, ON (“Dashboard Altar”)
2015 Home Ground—Hamilton Pride Art Show curated by Poe Libertad, Hamilton, ON

(“Whisky Love Story,” “Kooka Burger,” “Kiki Burger,” “DIY Surgery,” “Regular,”
Rapid Petting,” “Super Butter,” “Nina Narcissist,” “Creamer”)

2014 Ryerson University—Troubling Masculinities curated by Ken Moffatt and Heather Bain,
Toronto, ON (“AmsterdamKlovenirsBurgwal”)

2014 Gallery 1313 @ Latino Canadian Cultural AssociationBeyond Our Roots curated by
Alejandro Freeland & Hugo Ares, Toronto, ON (“DIY Surgery”)

2014 Queen West Art Crawl, Toronto, ON (“Sea Gull,” Lost Hammer,” Last Star,” Riki Tik,” Ultra Bar Koffee,” Klovenirsburgwal,” Veloren Meiden,” Window Girl 21,”

2013 Gladstone Hotel—That’s So Gay/Say It To My Face, curated by Elisha Lim, Toronto, ON

(“Amsterdam Windowgirl4,” “KlovernirsBurgwal,” “Amsterdam Koffee”) 

2013 Club120—Where’s the Love AIDS Foundation Fundraiser Toronto, ON (“Smokin Stars”)

2013 Videofag—Gawd Mess Amerika, curated by Bryen Dunn, Toronto, ON (“Smoking Stars,” Bloodgartch Achterburgwal,” Last Star,” “JoyRide,” Tentacle Beast Boyfriend,” Suzi Suicide,” Too Fukt 2 Tuck,” Trans Debate Night,” et al.)

2013 Artscape Triangle Gallery— Femmeldehyde 3, Toronto, ON (“Bike Thief,” Fire Swept Algoma,” Eat Led,” Judy Virago,” Chopper Bike Flood Battery,” The Last Star,” Smoking Stars,” Sausage Sizzle,” Sidney Fire Exit,” Edie Viscerator”)

2012 Toronto School of Art—PaperGirl @ Nuit Blanche, Toronto, ON (“Smoking4Ever”)

2012 Buddies in Bad Times Theatre—Pen!s Project curated by Michael Mackid, Toronto, ON

(“Joy ride,” Bloodgratch Tryptic”)

2012 Buddies in Bad Times Theatre—TWAT Festival, curated by Morgan M Page,
Toronto, ON (“Bloodgratch Tryptic”) 

2011 Shanghai Lounge—Shanghai Summer Surprise, curated by Caitlin Pascal, Ottawa, ON 

  (“Lost Little Girl Real Gold Series 24 Pieces,” Steer Cuts,” Parked Cars,”)

2011 Unit 2— Full Ass Moon curated by Nicholas Murr and Rozina Kazi, Toronto, ON
(“Dalek Lap Dance,” Ultra Dolly,” Fuck You and the Horse You Road in On,”)

2011 Kensington Art Walk, Toronto, ON (“Fake Store,” Cardboard General Store”)

2011 Ridgefield Guild of Artists— Gender Odyssey, Ridgefield, CT (“Edie Scrapper Bike”)
2011 Piety Iron Works—New Orleans Automaton Festival, curated by Myrtle Von Dammit, 

New Orleans, LA (“Scapegoat 38”)

2011 Barrister’s Gallery— Lost Little Girl Art Show curated by Andy Antippas,
New Orleans, LA (“Edith Massey Sedgwick, Fishy Stripy Dress,” Termite & Vine,” Eat Led,” I Dont Wann Anything,” Fishy Vs Grey,” The Clemmens,” Shitty Staph of Hatered,” Mariana Trench,” Sterile Amerika,” Milly Onion,” Bathtub 4evr”)

2011 Patrick John Mills Gallery—Porn is/is not Art, curated by Patrick John Mills, Ottawa, ON

(“Lamby vs Pussy,” Lamby Vs Lil Lamby”)

2010 Patrick John Mills Gallery—I Killed the Group of Seven, curated by Patrick John Mills, 
Ottawa, ON (“Fire Swept Algoma”)

2010 Barrister’s Gallery—Like A Prayer curated by Andy Antippas, New Orleans, LA

(“Fetishised Face Surgery Crushed,” “Retribution”)

2010 Barrister’s Gallery—I Wish I Was Dead curated by Andy Antippas, New Orleans, LA

(“Tabernacle of the Disciples of the Blood of the Lamb,” “An Artistic Life Kills
Slowly,” “Black Dye,” “Ride a Lamb,” “Fur Coats,”)

1997 Mercury Lounge—Emily Wretch Show, curated by Benoit LeBlanc, Ottawa, ON 

(“Visceral Mermaid,” “Megalion,” “Mr. Man Per Minute,” “Gut Bucket,” “DrinkEW368”)
1997 Artguise—Emily Whist Show, curated by Jason Vaughan & Brandon McVittie, Ottawa, 

ON (“Nicole’s Camel,” “More Coffee Waitress,” “Dr. Green and Lady Friend,” “Jar
Girl,” “Yerblix,” “The Funnest Game,” “Mr. Man Per Minute,” “Thickenzi Hignilg,”)

1996 Gallery 101—60 Minute Art Auction, curated by Tim Dallett, Ottawa, ON (Live Painting)

1995 Gallery 101—Little Art Fest, curated by Tim Dallett, Ottawa, ON (“Ninety-Nine”)


2013 – 2023 Grackle Coffee House curated by Amanda Grackle, Schomburg, ON
2009 – 2023 Barrister’s Gallery curated by Andy Antippas, New Orleans, LA
2006 – 2023 Cayt Pascale,  Board Member of Ottawa Art Gallery
1995 – 2023 Art dealer (retired) Benoit LeBlanc, Hull PQ


2017 Visual Arts Creation Projects Grant for “TransOntario” – Ontario Arts Council


2022 Malus Kraken Cover,” Malus Magazine cover  — Tilted Shed Ciderworks, Windsor, CA

2021 Little Puss throws a Party,”  Promo Material   — Little Puss Press  BK-NY Casey Plett, & Cat Fitzpatrick

2020 Heart2Heart Lithograph edition, Heart Neighbor friends”  Heart2HEart opioid task force, Everett Maroon, Wallawalla WA

2020   Pushmower, Smol Batch, KumquatMay “…”, { Label  design, Limited edition Ciderworks} 2BroadsCider Santa Clara CA

2019 BEWARE U R (infinity Hotel),”  Album cover  — Beware U R by Mamalea, Brooklyn, NY: Mary F.

2018 Little Fish,”  book cover  — Little Fish by Casey Plett, Vancouver, BC: Arsenal Pulp Press

2018    Apple Goddesses, Beared Queen, {Concept, Brand, and Label  design} 2BroadsCider Santa Clara CA

2017 Freud vs. Mujer,” book cover — Psychoanalysis Needs a Sex Change: Lacanian
Approaches to Sex and Social Difference (forthcoming 2017) ed. Sheila Cavanagh, Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

2014 Safe Cruising with PrEP,” posters/handbills — Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange, Toronto, ON

2013 Ultra Church/50 VIP Party People,” mural — Bank of Montreal Church Street 

Mural Project for World Pride, Toronto, ON)

1992 “Skulls,” Storefront Mural — “Savannah Deville’s”, Ottawa, ON


2020 The Girl Who Was Convince Beyond All Reason that She Could Fly Arsenal Pulp Press,

Vancouver BC,. Illustrated YA novel.
2019   Lost Little girl Show in the Year 19999 in , weekly webcomic
2018 Lost Teenage Girl Show” in anthology We’re Still Here, ed. Jeanne Thornton. 

Stacked Deck Press. Comic.
2017 Pee,” “Poo, & Primp” in “We Asked Five Artists to Design All-

Gender Restroom Signs,” VICE. Illustrated essay.
2014 I’ve Got A Time Bomb. New York: Topside Press, 2014. Illustrated novel.
2010 Lost Little Girl Show: Having Fun and Playing Games. Zine.
2008 How to Kill Queer Scum. Zine.


2019   How to Draw (Using Easy Secret  Techniques)”, Orev Reena Katz

Art to Power Resiliency Project,  Prisoners with HIV/Aids Support Action Network 

(Toronto, ON)

2015 How to be a Professional of Arts, Colectivio Toronto at the Latino Cultural Centre 

(Toronto, ON)

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