The Trans Ontario Roadmap

Attack of the 777km Women

Portrait-Landscapes of a diverse Sampling of the Incongruous Women SYBILLAMB has met in her travels on the 777km stretch of TRANSONTARIO HIGHWAY between her birthplace Ottawa and her current home in Sandwich Towne with stops all over the South West. Presented as an Ontario Guide Book this series employs Lamb’s own artistic Invention, the PORTLANDTRAITSCAPE capturing her subjects against a backdrop of a stylized interpretation of the local of Ontario that they inhabit. 

Beyond being a vibrant playful collection of maximalist portraits of a people in a time and a place, TrOn hints at the artists own personal parallels of growing up an artist and having a sex change in Ontario told through diary of the impressive peers she found close to home.

All Pictures depicting People 70meters to 7km tall and occasionally wrecking havoc is accurate and to scale and not to be misconstrued as exploring trans women’s relationships to power, agency, or revenge fantasies.

Trans Ontario Road Map

SOUTH ONTARIO Settlements and Wildlife East to West


Mello’s Diner // Ottawa 1982
Rideau Center Transit Hub 1995

National Gallery Pinball Game

~The 6ix~

Kensington Market sunglasses
Bloordale Practice space

~Hammer Falls~

Hammer Town
Dundurn crossing
Niagra (Saint Cats)


Cambridge burger porn star
Stratford Dinosaur Factory
Waterloo Wedding 

~Rust Belt~

Owen unSound
LONDONON pizza at war church

The Border Cities
The Windsor Hum

Appendix 1: What is a Transexual ?
Appendix 2: What is a Sybil Lamb ?
Appendix 3: What is a Trans Ontario Highway?
Appendix 4: What is a Postlandtraitscape ?
Appendix 5: Trans 101   also 201, 202 and 401, simplified!
Appendix 6: What now ?

Trans Ontario Roadmap

Series Catalog with detailed guide book, stories and background, secret pix, trans only  content, original sketchbook and more!


Official Launch Party @ UNIT2 Toronto MARCH 2019 (?)

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Project Report OAC 180905

Project Report Aug 2018 Requisition Draft of Declaration affadavit of Intent to Art

Proposal 2017 Ontario working Artist Creation Development Grant April 2017


Sept 5,2017

TrOn Gallery 2017-2018.09

TransOntario ~ Attack of the 777km Womn ~ PortLandTraitScapes by Sybil Lamb


A geographical encyclopedia of national geographic like Thrilling pictures of the Wild Tran Ladies of South Ontario taking space across vibrant maximal detail Cityscapes stopping in every cities n towns. All the While Narrated by Lamb the Artist as she slowly reveals through the telling of stories of all the cool gals shes met in her runs up n down the 401 another story emerges; that of Lamb growing and transitioning and moving a lot, So many apartments, gawd I hate Moving…

VISUAL INCONGRUITIES meet  incongruous bodies, Portraying everyone being 777 feet tall against a backdrop of their home town means that all Portraits by the break down of the rules of perspective are simultaneously portraits and also landscapes. That the very form and composition of these works embodies 2 seemingly contradictory styles of painting is In fact an old an ancient art, as ancient as trans shamyn magic cults, know today as PortLandTraitScapiture

The Secret of The TrOn Collection is that by following the stories and portlandtraitscapes of Lamb’s wandering across 777km of land containing about 40% of the population of Canada, Her own story of changing sex and building identity and finding community is a told between the lines.

Aditional Content for Trans Audiences Only Hidden Everywhere in plain sight.

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TransOntario Series Made Possible
By aCreation and Developemnt Grant From
Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario
Recognizing Sybil Lamb as an Important Ontario Artist 2017