What is a Sybil Lamb ?

What is Sybil Lamb ?

I am the number one trans Illustrator in the world, ever*. Part of how I achieved this is cuz trans people occur somewhere between 1:1200 to 1:500. In really big cities like toronto where the MOUSE UTOPIA PROJECT has happened at a human scale, the trans prevalence in (parkdale)society is about 1:50.  In most towns under 400,000 pop all the trans are either real femme or really butch or both mixed together at once. this is cuz strategies in the whole thing of trans and presentation and there are 3 qualities of the self that define the self. the self you wish you where, the self you worry you are, and the self you think people think you are. OH WAIT, i mean the self you want to be seen as, the self you are projecting, flagging, and performing right now, and your experience of interpreting reaction to your character by reading other human people, trans or untrans or even digital. I’ve been around for decades doing are from new orleans to san fran ottawa to montreal. I’m focusing my xploring appetite whetted by the whole of north america, upon my home province of ontario, born in ottawa , now home and studio in windsor, I am here with me extensive knowledge and authority in THE NORTH AMERICAN TRANS UNDERGROUND NETWORK TO HAVE SUPER SPECIALISED ACCESS TO THE INNER MOST SECRET THOTS of my rare bird hunting secret tgals hidden in plainsight all along the 401. I also write books and do weird puppet show punk rock band stuff. sometimes comix!

I also do Illustration and Fine art Type stuff. I’m available for gigs and have my own print store and I make Little wooden frames as a hobby. I am also totally famous as a Not out stealth closted artist at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.com

My Manager Cayt probly wants me to change this all to be third person. 

*These statistics are from like 2015. for the current transexual artist ranking, try google.com. or maybe tumblr. search for that on tumblr.