Mellos Diner 1982

The first time I met a Transexual

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Mellos 5838 × 5400

Mello’s Diner 1982″
{Acrylic and Ink on canvas 6×7 feet/ 2018.02.16}
/ Dalhousie Stroll in the Market, Ottawa, Ontario

I remember vividly the first TransGirls I ever met.

I was just a little kid, I wouldn’t enter puberty for another 5 years at least. My dad had been tasked with taking care of me and my toddler sister by himself and not the most enthusiastic of chefs, he decided to take us to a downtown diner, MELLOS on dalhousie in the Byward Market. Before Id even got my burger and fries I’d become fascinated with the table next to ours. 3 amazing loud talking swearing girls dressed in fabulous outfits incongrously mix matching leather and vinyl and buckles and studs and spandex and fishnets and lace.

The girls were talking fast and animated and swearing and slurring and babbling about all sorts of weird secret goings on of them battling or waiting to meet or spying on some guys or some guys where trying to find them or sumthing.

Shortly GIRL1 leaned to GIRL2 and said “this little kid at the next table is totally checking us out”

“ha, well what would he think if he knew I had a diq ?” GIRL2 squawked.

“Oh I knew that” I blustered. I had suspected somthing was up but now I had a key piece of the puzzel.

The 3 girls fell silent for the first time since we’d got there. All just looked back and forth at eachother.

“I think, wow, thats real neat!”

GIRL1 made exaggerated O! face and GIRL2 wound up like spring. “Omigawd that’s the youngest trick ever !! That’s a new record. OMIGAWD hell no, no kid, come back here and find me in 10 or 20 years!”

They cackled about this lil boy in awe of them. Shortly GIRL3 got in to this whole thing that had nothing to do with me where she was the only of the 3 who ordered food cuz shed just come in to money earlier and I think she bought the others their coffee and let them eat her fries.and for the next 20 minnits she argued with the night manager about if she could take her incongruous shoes off in a restaurant and put her sore feet on the seat or not. before my burger was done they launched back out on to dalhousie street with urgency and didn’t even notice me watching them go.

I was amazed by them, they lived in a secret wild and crazy world right under the surface of my own. they seemed to know lots of people and had a bunch of money they might get at any minute. And they weren’t like any regular boy or girl id ever met or seen ever. at least one of them had mutated secondary sexual characteristics! besides that they seemed like mythical ambigendered fantasy people, their sexy tuff thrift store sex shop style had already left a deep impression on dorky lil kid me.

I wasnt even offended that they had seen me as a boy cuz it was a full decade before I’d ever start having a sex life, let alone an identity more complex than that i liked bed, coloring, and eating lots of hot dogs.

Nor did I identify as one of them. No, I had never seen anyone like this before. I had bumped in to a gaggle of beautiful slightly frightening demon angels who left me in shock and awe. by what leap of my child’s imagination could I have even wished to be them when they had been conjured from beyond my understanding and seemingly Inhabited a secret world just beyond mine.

I went back to Mellos 20 years later after I’d started my own change but I never saw them again. 30 years later Mellos was trying to fancy up for the hipster set, the Tgirls of dalhousie st had moved the T-stroll somewhere else.

33 years later Mellos lost out to the rising rents and closed. The city of ottawa pressed charges when they stole back their own iconic 2 ton neon sign, which had been declared a heritage sight. I hear the 16 foot glass and steel and wires contraption is today in the back of the impound lot.

The identity of the 3 girls is unknown 4evr.

up to 2×2 feet is size

Mellos Diner 1982 // TrOn // 2018 Print Shop

$9.99 – $99.99

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  • The Girl Who was Convinced Beyond all Reason that She could Fly_day-PRINT$9.99 – $99.99
  • The Girl Who was Convinced Beyond all Reason that She could Fly_painting1705-PRINT$9.99 – $99.99
  • Little Fish ~ Winterpeg // 2018 Print Shop$9.99 – $99.99
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What is a Sybil Lamb ?

What is Sybil Lamb ?

I am the number one trans Illustrator in the world, ever*. Part of how I achieved this is cuz trans people occur somewhere between 1:1200 to 1:500. In really big cities like toronto where the MOUSE UTOPIA PROJECT has happened at a human scale, the trans prevalence in (parkdale)society is about 1:50.  In most towns under 400,000 pop all the trans are either real femme or really butch or both mixed together at once. this is cuz strategies in the whole thing of trans and presentation and there are 3 qualities of the self that define the self. the self you wish you where, the self you worry you are, and the self you think people think you are. OH WAIT, i mean the self you want to be seen as, the self you are projecting, flagging, and performing right now, and your experience of interpreting reaction to your character by reading other human people, trans or untrans or even digital. I’ve been around for decades doing are from new orleans to san fran ottawa to montreal. I’m focusing my xploring appetite whetted by the whole of north america, upon my home province of ontario, born in ottawa , now home and studio in windsor, I am here with me extensive knowledge and authority in THE NORTH AMERICAN TRANS UNDERGROUND NETWORK TO HAVE SUPER SPECIALISED ACCESS TO THE INNER MOST SECRET THOTS of my rare bird hunting secret tgals hidden in plainsight all along the 401. I also write books and do weird puppet show punk rock band stuff. sometimes comix!

I also do Illustration and Fine art Type stuff. I’m available for gigs and have my own print store and I make Little wooden frames as a hobby. I am also totally famous as a Not out stealth closted artist at

My Manager Cayt probly wants me to change this all to be third person. 

*These statistics are from like 2015. for the current transexual artist ranking, try or maybe tumblr. search for that on tumblr.

What is a Transexual?

Transexuals; What are they?

Kind of like cats but higher maintenance. They occur randomly in all corners of society, especial canadian south ontario society, which is like 40% of canada, mostly living on the great lakes next to buffalo. 40% of canada is 2 or 3 hours from buffalo.

Isnt it mind blowing crazy the thought of How there are so many Transexuals Suddenly? People want to be respectful but you cant not have questions about having your genitals chopped up and sewn back together how do they even do that? This is such a departure from the natural mother nature world isnt it? 

Oh no, they have science for that now… Its more like you go to a resort where its like the most surreal pj-party with rich girls next to not rich girls who got the money somehow anyways and everyone is covered in bandages. that and about 10% of tgirls, especially the deca trans and double deca tranz,  have  learned diy surgery. I’d be remiss If I didnt mention the AUX NATURELLE types but regardless you have no be really cool and smart and strong to be in our cool cult.

I don’t get how someone just wakes up and decides they are a woman without having ever been pregnant or genitals ? How does Transexuals happen?

This question puts me in the uncomfortable role of teaching trans 101. and I’m going to buck the role right off the bat; NO ONE HAS EVER HAD A SATISFACTORY SUCCINCT LOGICAL EXPLANATION FOR TRANS that does not also require ask for the questioner to rethink a lot of what they take for granted about how society works at the molecular level. The short pragmatic version I will tell you is its cuz technology to redesign our own bodies is a relatively new medical tool that is increasing in options exponentially every year. we are at the dawn of POST HUMANISM and im so not explaining that… I am most interested in documenting this time we are in now as the pioneers on the frontier of body technology. which cant not have plenty to do with sexuality and gender presentation. MY second biggest fascination here is that in this time we’re in right now, at the dawn of posthumans, me and my sisters have specialised in experimental data on our introduction in different ratios into a wide sampling of society, survey public opinion and effectiveness, successfully propagate our selves by setting up an extensive underground communication network whose password is having been transitioned, having demonstrated will full transition physically and soocially, and now we have a goddesses on earth cult that is too big to stop or control. I feel the most important thing contemporary trans have given the world besides laid the foundations for aesthetic cyborgs, is that we have attempted and described an encyclopaedia of ways to destroy and rebuild the self, to design ones own personality and character. 

Did you really just say that Transexuality is teetering on the brink of obselecence and that in 20 years we will be supplanted by a bunch of perpetually fluid shape shifting computer people?

I didnt say that, the sons and daughters of the Great 100 year transssexual social-medical-psychological experiment of 1929 – 2029 which as a side effect of sterilising hundreds of thousands at a time when population expansion has broken the enviroment, and then birthed the foundation for the rise of the post humans and machines choosing to join human society. I would be remiss if i didnt squeez in here somewhere that this is not to discredit the 10000 year history of transgenderism in hom-sapien social evolution; incidence of tran in prehistoric tribal society, including prehistorical surgerical option but that not what im talking about. Theres heaps of stuffabout that on (I TOLD YOU NOT TO MAKE ME TEACH YOU TRANS 101)

So transontario is very much a project to travel the world that surrounds you meeting other version of yourself, or peers I mean, and this journey from ottawa to Windsor is a fun house mirror version of your own gender journey and transition ?

TRON traces my own TRANSPOSITION from an encounter with 1982 Ottawa Diner based Sexy Lady Gang  through the notoriously Mythical TORONTO TRANS UNDERGROUND to her current home and studio in SANDWICH TOWNE // WINDSOR ESXeX.      Along the way I get a chance to capture the souls of a wildly diverse cast of characters, with every kind of unique beauty and captivating mind and a few up and comers and a couple established Celebutantes like JelenaVermillion and AlaskaB.

Is it even ok to say “TGIRL“?

it’s sort of ok for a cis person to call us tgirls but only after establishing a friendly rapport. its short for transgirls. when in doubt just say trans. I absolutely have no interest in talking about riddles and etheric concepts and philosophical debate of what is a “real woman” or who gets discrimination protection in what circumstances. The common thread with all models of transontario is that they all identify and live as women 100% of the time, whatever that means to put them in their communities. the moral of this story is don’t worry to much about trans theory discourse except to prepare for it being eclipsed by trans humanism in the coming decade. sometimes you might here tranz casually throwing slurs around at each other. DO NOT GET INVOLVED. just smile bashfully and look at your shoes.

Why is everybuddy 300 feet tall ? Is that a crack about my big shoes?

No, no sweetie, no ! Its cuz In society being noticed  tran means all kinds of problems with getting jobs or having people stare at you in disbelief or condescend all the time or try to fight you all the damn time and what if you where 300 feet tall ? Sick of waiting for off schedule busses ? If you were 300 feet tall you could crunch busses up and throw them ! What if your bathroom was your entire home towns downtown ! Its not just cuz trans women are like the marvel x-mutants or steven universe gems, but what of the idea of the self in the eye of memory and we are god(esses) in our own memory of places we have called home, flying from timeSPAN to timeSCAPE, our powers are only limited by the intimacy of our memory. also ITS A PORTRAIT TRANSITIONING IN TO A LANDSCAPE ! ha ha !! zing !!!

So is that like a  cyber post people thing; ATTACK OF GIANT WOMEN  !!?

I’m sorry; I cant answer any more questions about that. Don’t you even worry about it. I was just kidding, having a bit of fun. put it out of your mind. Ask me a hard one.

You say sons and Daughters but you only did portraits of TransSFemmes (and Trans Futches)

Yes that was cuz originally in my head I was thinking of a pin up callender with Miss KennsingtonMarket and Miss Dundurn Feed Store and Miss Ottawa bus depot. In pennance I vow to do a similar style paining of a woodsy atlantic canadian trans guy with a truck and a barn and a beard and a chiuaua. but it will like… not exactly in this series but he’s like in the spin off episode.


Meanwhile, elsewhere science fiction sybil lamb

Whats it like being abducted by transexual cult ?

Mellows diner story
House of Sin story
i am tranny punk.
read my book.

This Project is possible thanks to a
2017 Creation Development Grant

The Trans Ontario Roadmap

Attack of the 777km Women

Portrait-Landscapes of a diverse Sampling of the Incongruous Women SYBILLAMB has met in her travels on the 777km stretch of TRANSONTARIO HIGHWAY between her birthplace Ottawa and her current home in Sandwich Towne with stops all over the South West. Presented as an Ontario Guide Book this series employs Lamb’s own artistic Invention, the PORTLANDTRAITSCAPE capturing her subjects against a backdrop of a stylized interpretation of the local of Ontario that they inhabit. 

Beyond being a vibrant playful collection of maximalist portraits of a people in a time and a place, TrOn hints at the artists own personal parallels of growing up an artist and having a sex change in Ontario told through diary of the impressive peers she found close to home.

All Pictures depicting People 70meters to 7km tall and occasionally wrecking havoc is accurate and to scale and not to be misconstrued as exploring trans women’s relationships to power, agency, or revenge fantasies.

Trans Ontario Road Map

SOUTH ONTARIO Settlements and Wildlife East to West


Mello’s Diner // Ottawa 1982
Rideau Center Transit Hub 1995

National Gallery Pinball Game

~The 6ix~

Kensington Market sunglasses
Bloordale Practice space

~Hammer Falls~

Hammer Town
Dundurn crossing
Niagra (Saint Cats)


Cambridge burger porn star
Stratford Dinosaur Factory
Waterloo Wedding 

~Rust Belt~

Owen unSound
LONDONON pizza at war church

The Border Cities
The Windsor Hum

Appendix 1: What is a Transexual ?
Appendix 2: What is a Sybil Lamb ?
Appendix 3: What is a Trans Ontario Highway?
Appendix 4: What is a Postlandtraitscape ?
Appendix 5: Trans 101   also 201, 202 and 401, simplified!
Appendix 6: What now ?

Trans Ontario Roadmap

Series Catalog with detailed guide book, stories and background, secret pix, trans only  content, original sketchbook and more!


Official Launch Party @ UNIT2 Toronto MARCH 2019 (?)

BUY  TransOntario PRINTS GREETING CARDS AND Canvas Reproductions

Project Report OAC 180905

Project Report Aug 2018 Requisition Draft of Declaration affadavit of Intent to Art

Proposal 2017 Ontario working Artist Creation Development Grant April 2017


Sept 5,2017

TrOn Gallery 2017-2018.09

TransOntario ~ Attack of the 777km Womn ~ PortLandTraitScapes by Sybil Lamb


A geographical encyclopedia of national geographic like Thrilling pictures of the Wild Tran Ladies of South Ontario taking space across vibrant maximal detail Cityscapes stopping in every cities n towns. All the While Narrated by Lamb the Artist as she slowly reveals through the telling of stories of all the cool gals shes met in her runs up n down the 401 another story emerges; that of Lamb growing and transitioning and moving a lot, So many apartments, gawd I hate Moving…

VISUAL INCONGRUITIES meet  incongruous bodies, Portraying everyone being 777 feet tall against a backdrop of their home town means that all Portraits by the break down of the rules of perspective are simultaneously portraits and also landscapes. That the very form and composition of these works embodies 2 seemingly contradictory styles of painting is In fact an old an ancient art, as ancient as trans shamyn magic cults, know today as PortLandTraitScapiture

The Secret of The TrOn Collection is that by following the stories and portlandtraitscapes of Lamb’s wandering across 777km of land containing about 40% of the population of Canada, Her own story of changing sex and building identity and finding community is a told between the lines.

Aditional Content for Trans Audiences Only Hidden Everywhere in plain sight.

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..{{TRANS=”trans content is recovering from surgery, More Secret Trans Cult info soon, set the moon to remind your mones. this trans content is also visible to trans guys… I promise more of your kind in the future of this series 😉 {{/Trans}}..

TransOntario Series Made Possible
By aCreation and Developemnt Grant From
Ontario Arts Council – Conseil des arts de l’Ontario
Recognizing Sybil Lamb as an Important Ontario Artist 2017


Media Collection

Paintings  // Drawings // Exhibition

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