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LAMB STORE: Over 99.5% of Every Single Order got delivered Eventually SINCE 2010 !

Sybil Lamb sold her first painting as a teen in 1992. She did her first outdoor art shop in 2010 and didnt get an art tent until 2011 The INTERNET got the ONLINE LAMB STORE at the start of 2017. Lamb Runs the Whole Lambstore By herself Mostly! So If there is a delay in your Order It could be ANYTHING.

All art comes from THE LAMB FACTORY located in Sandwich Town Ontario Canada, 1 mile south of Detroit Michigan. Most of the LAMB Factory is located in a claustrophobic maze of CRAWL Spaces. The Art Print Shop sells just about every Sybil Lamb art Ever as a 300dpi “GICLEE STYLE” art print on quality paper created on a rebuilt 2008 architecture Plotter salvaged from a bankrupted Detroit architect.

LAMB STORE used to offer CANADA ~ and ~ USPS shipping option however that Is TEMP shut down due to COVID19.

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