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What’s a Print? What’s a Shop?

What’s a paper? What’s going on with Sybil FORGING her own paintings?

What’s a Large Format Print? What’s a Lambjet500? What’s a Relief Print?
Great Questions !!!!

Lamb Print Shop Box 
2017 : 2049

What is a PAPER ?!?

ALL PAPER IS “MATTE” and as white as available (as opposed to off-white). BEST PAPER is sold (to me) as ART QUALITY

Best Quality Silk Art Paper  THE ART WORLD STANDARD FOR FINE ART PRINTS! You can tell it is arty cuz Its weight is in METRIC! 300-350 gsm Art Quality paper.

Regular Quality Prints on Good Quality 45LB Bond. They are fine!

SMALL and MEDIUM 8 1/2 x 11 or 11×17 size // approx 85LB-99LB

Stretched Canvas Prints , Cotton Poly Canvas, hand made wooden painting stretcher, acrylic top coat  and low luster finish brushstrokes textured protection. If THAT SOUNDS LIKE A PAINTING well it pretty much is. It’s kind of like  A HIGH QUALITY FORGERY OF MY OWN ART!

Cheap Posters ~ Basically 1 step above  Newsprint // also I set the ink tubes to choke mode HOWEVER you still get the same art images that previously the wealthy had exclusive access to !! ~ 18×24″ONLY  ~ 19.99

I’m Still Using the 2020 Price List :O !!!

And its 2023 // WHAT A DEAL !!!


Print Bond // 24×36″ $55,
PRINT Bond // 18×24″ $33,
PRINT medium // 11×17″ $27,
PRINT Small // 8.5×11 $19.99,
High Quality 300gsm Silk Art Paper // 18×24″ $40,
High Quality 300gsm Silk Art Paper // 24×36″ $60,
Stretched Canvas Print 16×20″ $125,
Stretched Canvas Print 21×32″ $166,
CHEAP POSTER 18×24 $19.99


What’s going on with Sybil FORGING her own paintings?

PRINT ON CANVAS that i then put on a stretcher and paint over with invisible paint which makes it seem like a real painting